ABB West 2012


It’s finally time for our favorite ride down the west coast.  We love this ride every year not only for it’s beauty and challenge, but also because it’s always filled with plenty of our friends from rides past.  This year we have 20 full time riders and all but one are alumni.  We have several other new faces to learn but they are only going part way.  We welcome them into the ABB family too.

This ride I’ll not be doing a journal like I’ve done in the past, but I’ll post daily photo pages and some comments that come to mind as we enjoy the coast.  Just click on the links above left for each leg to find photos for that section.  Most of you know that last ride I broke my fibula on my left leg so I need to spend more time this ride rehabilitating my limb.  I’m up and around OK, but I’m still having issues that take time every day to insure I heal OK.  I hope you’ll still find some pleasure in what I post.   I’ll try to capture what we see everyday...but you just have to come ride with us yourself...then you’ll see just how beautiful this country is.

Ready to go

No Journal this only.  Follow links to the left to see what we’re up to.