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ROUTE: Florence OR DISTANCE: 77 Miles WINDS: Variable 10...mostly northerly
WEATHER: Absolutely perfect...sunny, clear, and 68 TERRAIN: hilly TOTAL CLIMBING: 4085 Feet


OK, it just keeps getting better.  I don't think I've ever ridden in a more picturesque area than where we are right now.  That's coming from someone who's ridden in every state in the lower 48.  I've always said that everywhere we ride is beautiful in its own way.  That includes Kansas, Mississippi, or where ever.  But any way you cut it, this place is simply beyond words...and when the weather is like it was today, it's even beyond that!  The last couple of years we've had areas that were fogged in pretty well...but not today.  It was clear in a million and you could see for miles.

Today we rode 77 miles, our longest day so far and probably the tamest as far as terrain was concerned...well on paper anyway.  Even though our route was 77 miles, several riders took a couple side trips to include a punch up to Perpetua Overlook which was a 800 foot climb in 2 miles which gave them an elevated view of the coast to the south...gorgeous and well worth the effort (left).  Today my legs didn't seem to have any pop, but Karen talked me into climbing this climb anyway.  When I got to the top, there were several people up there who were curious as to why we would ride all the way up there...for that view, I'd ride up about anything.  The road you see is the road we were riding...and it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay down there.  As with every hard effort there's a reward.  The technical descent back to the shore was invigorating.  After blowing out the carbon in my legs on the ascent, I felt better the rest of the day...good thing, we still had several good climbs left before we got to the motel.

To say it's not Kansas Toto out here is an understatement.  Besides the coastline views, the riders were treated with an assortment of non-midwestern critters to view today.  Tons of sea lions were lounging at the bottom of a lookout and several times today we were able to see whales feeding just off the coast.  You don't see that where I'm from...or most places I've been before to say the least.

All in all though it was a good day to temperatures, lots to see, and tailwinds.  Everyone really enjoyed the push which allowed us all to take lots of time to view all the sights...and there was tons of 'em.  Around every turn there would be another more beautiful sight than we'd just left.  We spent most of the day pulling off every few miles just to soak it all in.  I made the kidding comment to Karen that I really missed the wheat of Kansas on this trip...she wasn't amused.  I spent the day cruising through the riders taking photos of them and the scenery.  I took more photos without riders today than I ever have...there was just too much to take in. 

To top of the great day, we had dinner at Mo's...a great seafood place in old downtown.  They have famous chowder...and the rest of their menu was pretty impressive too.  It tool a long time to serve our group, but the food was A1...I know I was stuffed. 

Tomorrow we continue our journey and hope for continued clear visibility...but we'll take what ever mother nature throws at us.  The forecast is for dry conditions for the rest of the week, but up here you never know for sure if the visibility is going to be unlimited or a bit obscured.  As for now, it's late so I'll let the photos below give you some idea of what we've been enjoying all day.  See you tomorrow.  M


Michel, our friend from Canada, took time from the pedaling to shoot the curls in the surf.  "I may give up cycling for this,"  He said, "if I could just get this ocean in Quebec."

Hmmm, this curb is just laying I might as well use it for something.  Now if I could just get someone to straighten me back up...agh!


Michel, Julie, and Keith were surprised when they saw a giant crab lurking behind them...I forgot to warn them about getting too close to intimidating murals.

Busted!!!  Pastries at 10:00!  Why not?

We saw this sign in a bakery today...good thing we just happened by on one of the open 7 days.

Just one of the many beautiful scenes we saw today.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse...starting to deteriorate, but today it still stands proud over the ocean.

The view from the top of Perpetua...well worth the climb.

Let's see those surfer dudes top this!!!  I had to show off in the surf a little myself...Look Ma!  I'm surfin'!

Thar she blows!!!  Everyone was excited to see a group of whales feeding off the point at our last SAG.  We saw lots of them today...they were everywhere!!!!

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