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Florence to Bandon OR
Happy 09-09-09

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ROUTE: Bandon DISTANCE: 75 Miles WINDS: Light and variable all day
WEATHER: Sunny, Clear, and Warm; High 75 TERRAIN: Rolling with some good climbs on 7 Devils TOTAL CLIMBING: 3560 feet

DAILY REPORT: All in all it was another perfect day to ride...sunny, cool, and tailwinds.  I asked the riders, "What could be better than that?"  "Downhills," was the reply.  "Great!  I guarantee you will have some today...but'll have to get some altitude."  Since both our start and our destination are about the same level and on the beach, if they want to do some descending, they'll have to do some climbing first...we had plenty of both today.

Our route today was more inland than yesterday ergo not quite as scenic.  We were more in forest areas most of the day but we did pop out in a place or two to see the ocean...just to see that it was still there.  We also took a side trip of about a quarter mile to view the sand dunes...pretty impressive sight where the sand had drifted over the trees in some areas.  It's a pretty popular site for dune buggies and hikers...we were just passing through. 

Our first SAG was at a light house, so naturally we were close to the shoreline there, but then we went inland again until the second SAG at 55 miles.  The road was filled with big rollers as the riders made their way through tree lined byways out of sight of the coastline and across a couple bridges. 

After the second SAG, a nice rest, and lunch in Charleston, they again went inland up onto a ridge line with plenty of climbing to test even the most fit of the group...7 Devils road.  I think the riders will always remember that stretch from the comments at dinner.  It didn't adhere to shallow grading a couple of times by any definition.  There were a few 10% pop ups as the road made it's way along the ridgeline up to a clear cut area that is starting to regenerate.  The growth was amazing since last year when we came through.  We churned along 7 Devils, Oregon Coast Bike Route, for about 15 miles as it went up and over several large "knobs" and back down along a well deserved winding descent to intersect 101 about 3 miles out of Bandon.  I got to know the Devils pretty well as I stayed out there while the back end rode through.  I spent over 3 hours just waiting for folks to ride through a couple places where I wanted to take photos.

Although the views on the hilltops weren't as spell binding as the ones on the cliffs of the coast, they were beautiful in their own way as in many places you could see for miles across clear cut lumber areas.  Soon this area will be winding through tall pines when the trees start to grow won't take long if they keep growing at the pace they seem to be now. 

Everyone's doing well it seems.  We have a couple of saddle sores and a lot of sore legs, but nothing so far that would be a major problem.  Well, I've be rambling long enough.  It's time to hit the hay and get ready to do it again tomorrow.  I think we're supposed to have another good weather day and wind continues to blow us down the road.  It sure makes the scenery more vibrant when the sun is shining and the spirits are higher when that wind blows at our backs.  Thanks for tuning in...see you tomorrow.

PS:  I have the meet the riders up and running you can check out the group.  Will have a group shot soon.


We do all we can to guide our riders through complicated areas.  Yesterday we hired a Norseman to point the way.  I guess we should have briefed the riders on "Norse Code."

Who ever put Julie together must have lost the instruction manual.  Bodies aren't supposed to be able to do that.

"Boy, you look chipper today."
"Yes, I just said that to make you feel good."
"Didn't work."

"I don't stretch...I might hurt myself."

"You pilots are all can't find your way anywhere without a navigator."
"That's why we carry extra gas!"

"That 7 Devils wasn't so bad."
"That was just the first one."

"Never knew I had that gear."
"Me neither.  And when I found it, I was hoping I could find a couple more."

Look behind you David and you'll see your next challenge...the bridge into Coos Bay.

Greg, it's only fair that you hold up the wall that's holding up your bike.

JB...those are some Mac Daddy mittens you have on there.  "Yep, you just never know when a snow ball fight might break out."

Even though we weren't along the coast much today, we still had some neat vistas.

And the climbing was rewarded with some nice descents too.

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